Karaoke Idol

Karaoke Idol Contest Rules:

1) Entrants must be 18 years or older to compete in the Senior Idol Competition. THERE WILL BE A CUT IN SINGLES COMPETITION AFTER THE FIRST SONG DURING THE SUNDAY FINALS.
2) You ARE allowed to compete in BOTH the singles and duets categories
3) NO BURNT CD’S ARE ALLOWED - you must select a song from provided library
4) If the chosen song skips, the host will try again, only once. If it continues to skip, entrants will have the option of choosing a different song to sing.
5) Entrants will be judged on singing ability, stage presence and crowd appreciation
6) Entrants must remain until the judges have announced their decisions. If entrant is not present, the entrant placing directly below them in points will qualify instead. Absent entrants may re-enter at next available qualifying show.
7) At the discretion of the judges, a number of contestants will be selected from each qualifying night to go on to the Semi-Finals at the Strathroy Hometown Festival starting at 1 pm on the Saturday of the festival on the main stage.
8) If you do not qualify the first time, you may re-enter at any of the other available qualifying shows until you do qualify.
9) there are NO instruments allowed
10) JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Remember, although this is a competition it is designed to be a fun event with no entry fee. The judges have volunteered their time to participate.
11) Contestants are encouraged to bring as many family, friends, and fan to the qualifying rounds as well as the finals’. Crowd appreciation is part of the scoring.
12) This is a family friendly contest – no foul language or questionable lyrics. Deductions in scoring will occur if such things happen.
13) This contest is for individuals AND Duets only. No groups.
14) Costuming is strongly recommended

Welcome to our 2019 Karaoke Idol Staff

Chris Soares, Nancy Duarte, Diane McGuire, and Rob Gee

Chris Soares

We welcome back myFM's Chris Soares our fantastic Host of the contest now in his 10th year with the event and we couldn't think of anyone better to Host one of the festival's most popular events. Chris has been with our local radio station for over 12 years, currently in the News Director position as well as the Host of The Wake Up Call weekday mornings, and The Man Cave sports talk show in Peterborough Sunday mornings. He is also the Voice of the North Middlesex Stars hockey team and does countless amounts of volunteering within the Community.... Welcome back Chris.

Nancy Duarte

We welcome Nancy Duarte who has been a Music Teacher in the London District Catholic School Board for 27 years. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Western University and an ARCT in Piano Performance from The Royal Conservatory of Music. Nancy was blessed to pilot the Musical Futures program from the United Kingdom in the first Canadian Elementary School, Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School in Strathroy. She has led many professional workshops for music teachers and administrators. Nancy is from St. Catharines and now lives in Strathroy with her husband Luis and their three children Abby, Emma and Fraser...Welcome Nancy

Diane McGuire

We welcome Diane McGuire, she is the Owner of The Music Spot in Strathroy who proudly is the lead sponsor for our Junior Idol Competition. Diane has been teaching music for 25 years and attending Windsor University for Music and Business. While in Windsor, she was an active band member in Matrix, Music Express and the Gemini Wind Ensemble. Before The Music Spot, Diane was the Education Specialist at Belle Air Music in Windsor and London. She is well involved in the Community including most recently directing the Strathroy-Caradoc Optimist Youth Band. She is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist providing consultations through Damen Optimal Health.....Welcome Diane.

Rob Gee

We are very happy to announce that Rob Gee will be joining returning Karaoke Idol Judges Nancy Duarte and Diane McGuire to form our judging panel for the 2019 Idol competition. Rob has been a Music Teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board for 27 years, teaching at Colborne PS, Adelaide WG MacDonald PS, Metcalfe PS and currently teaching at JS Buchanan PS. He received a Bachelor of Music degree from UWO. As a child, in Oakville, Rob was very involved musically in the Salvation Army Band and Choir as well as piano. Rob has done work with the Amabile Youth Choirs and enjoyed one season with the Strathroy Vocal Federation. Rob currently lives in Strathroy with his wife Denise and two children Olivia and Ryan. We are very pleased to welcome Rob to the Idol team and we thank him for wanting to be involved with the competition. Welcome Rob.

Thank You to Our Karaoke Idol Sponsors