The Strathroy Hometown Festival has been a staple in the Strathroy Community for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on community involvement, participation, partnerships and a ton of fun. At this moment, we would like to communicate to our community that we are moving forward with planning for the 2022 Strathroy Hometown Festival from June 10-12, 2022.

We are continuing to monitor the ongoing news and updates of the Novel Coronavirus daily and although we continue to make progress, we must remind all of you, that all planning and festival details are subject to change at a moment's notice. Obviously, our intentions are to bring back the 3-day festival to our community for the first time in a few years but that comes with making sure it is safe and healthy to do so for our guests.

Please note, any events, attractions, entertainment and time frames listed on our website are not confirmed for this year's event until further notice.

We appreciate all the support and patience shown by the community and our supporters and we assure you, any decision will be made with the community’s best interests and safety in mind. The well-being of our guests, residents, artists, staff, vendors, volunteers, partners and the community is and will always be our number one priority.

SAVE THE DATE – 2022 Strathroy Hometown Festival June 10-12th

Thank you and stay safe,
Strathroy Hometown Festival Committee
Chris Soares
Shari Terwilligar
Colleen Wiendels
Dave Brock
Kait Topham


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Downtown Show 'n Shine Car Show

The festival kicks off in a big way with hundreds of different vintage automobiles all through downtown Strathroy from 4-9pm June 10th. A perfect night for the car enthusiast. This year's show will be bigger and better as it extends all the way down Front Street to the Shops on Sydenham.

Karaoke Idol Contest Rules:

1) Entrants must be 18 years or older to compete in the Senior Idol Competition. THERE WILL BE A CUT IN SINGLES COMPETITION AFTER THE FIRST SONG DURING THE SUNDAY FINALS.
2) Singles category allowed ONLY
3) NO BURNT CD’S ARE ALLOWED - you must select a song from provided library
4) If the chosen song skips, the host will try again, only once. If it continues to skip, entrants will have the option of choosing a different song to sing.
5) Entrants will be judged on singing ability, stage presence and crowd appreciation
6) Entrants must remain until the judges have announced their decisions. If entrant is not present, the entrant placing directly below them in points will qualify instead. Absent entrants may re-enter at next available qualifying show.
7) At the discretion of the judges, a number of contestants will be selected from each qualifying night to go on to the Semi-Finals at the Strathroy Hometown Festival starting at 1 pm on the Saturday of the festival on the main stage.
8) If you do not qualify the first time, you may re-enter at any of the other available qualifying shows until you do qualify.
9) there are NO instruments allowed
10) JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Remember, although this is a competition it is designed to be a fun event with no entry fee. The judges have volunteered their time to participate.
11) Contestants are encouraged to bring as many family, friends, and fan to the qualifying rounds as well as the finals’. Crowd appreciation is part of the scoring.
12) This is a family friendly contest – no foul language or questionable lyrics. Deductions in scoring will occur if such things happen.
13) This contest is for individuals AND Duets only. No groups.
14) Costuming is strongly recommended

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